50 days of festival in Beyoğlu,Turkey

bopppThe Beyoğlu Festival will unite all of Turkey’s past and future values of Turkey from arts and crafts to science in the Taksim district. The festival, which will last almost two months, started  28 September with the antiques festival and will continue with design, book shows and the “Curious Minds Science Fest.” The festival will bring together all types of culture and arts figures with the great masters of Turkey for 50 days.

The Mayor of the Beyoğlu Municipality, Ahmet Misbah Demircan, noted that they are turning Taksim Square into a podium to display all the richness of Turkey to the whole world. “As Beyoğlu is the center of culture and arts and livelihood and trade, everyone will become aware of the square, and with thousands visiting the festival, Beyoğlu will become an even more vivid place.”

According to the mayor, it will be the largest ever cultural event with the highest contribution to the community up until the present day. Noting that they are trying to prove that Beyoğlu is one of the main attraction centers of Turkey to the world, Demircan said: “Those who leave Beyoğlu will lose themselves. It has a culture and depth more than it shows.”