Embrace the great outdoors on the eastern Black Sea region’s verdant hills

645x400-embrace-the-great-outdoors-on-the-eastern-black-sea-regions-verdant-hills-1488133513568The mountainous and rugged terrain of the Black Sea region makes it one of the most beloved spots for outdoor sports enthusiasts. As Turkey’s leading region for trekking, rafting and mountaineering, boasting lush valleys, stunning canyons, plateaus, quaint streams and rushing rivers, the region hosts thousands of tourists annually, who flock to the region to enjoy the great outdoors.

Black Sea region’s rough terrain makes it one of the most favorite places for outdoor sports. Mountaineering and rafting are the most popular types of outdoor activities the eastern Black Sea region has to offer while the Kaçkar Mountains are considered a top favorite among hikers and mountain climbers. Trekking and hiking are also very popular, thanks to the region’s beautiful valleys which are split by streambeds. Whether you prefer white water rafting through the canyons or exploring the plateaus of the region which lie 1,500 meters above sea level, guided tours are available to suit your adventurous spirit in the great outdoors.


In the eastern Black Sea region, rafting is particularly popular among tourists and rafting tours are offered frequently year-round. One of the most exciting regions for rafting lovers, the eastern Black Sea region is home to the Çoruh River in Artvin. In addition, Çamlıhemşin, Ardeşen, Dikkaya, Timisfat Bridge, Pelegivat Bridge, Fırtına Bridge are among the favorite places for rafting.

If you are looking for whitewater kayaking, the northern Black Sea region is the perfect location, while the most ideal months for whitewater kayaking are June and September. Some options for whitewater kayaking in the region are the Çoruh River in Artvin, the Melen Stream in Düzce, the Berta Stream in Artvin and the Barhal River in Rize. Rafting festivals, which are the essential part of the Black Sea tours, are mostly preferred in spring months. The Çoruh River in the northeast of the Black Sea Region is recognized as one of the top-10 whitewater destinations in the world with grade-five rapids fed by melting snow from the mountains along the Black Sea coast in spring. Flowing through canyons, narrow valleys and ancient ruins, the Çoruh River rating courses are sure to fill you with adrenaline.


With high altitudes, the plateaus are among the breathtaking natural wonders in this region, where you feel very close to the clouds, can do healthy exercises and get large amounts of oxygen into your system.

Trekking tours offer guests the chance to visit numerous natural wonders including the Fırtına Valley, the Zil castle, the Ortan village, the Konaklar neighborhood, the Passage of Naletleme and the Çaymakçur Plateau. As part of these tours, guests start to walk in groups at a specific place and keep walking during the day. They take breaks in specific locations and set up a camp.

Some of the most widely preferred trekking tracks in the Black Sea region are the Ayder Highlands and Sümela’s Path in Trabzon along with Hemşin and Didingola in Rize. Make sure to visit the Ayder Waterfalls and thermal resorts in the highlands during your stay in the Ayder Highlands.

Every August, a traditional festival takes place in the Ayder Highlands, revolving around the “honey” theme. Known for its delectable honey, the Ayder Highlands are home to local performances and villagers serving traditional foods throughout the festival. Trekking tours in the Black Sea region are very popular among photographers, too. Many come to capture splendid shots of picturesque plateaus, endless seas and green forests standing together.


The mountains along the Black Sea coast are some of the most convenient places to experience mountaineering, whether alone or in groups. Mountains that run parallel to the coastline are a golden opportunity for sportsmen. There are also special tours for mountaineering events in the region. Running parallel to the Rize-Hopa coastline to the eastern Black Sea, the Kaçkar Mountains are an ideal route in the region for this activity. The northern slopes of these mountains, which rise above the coastline, are covered with thick forest. The trip generally starts from the Ayder Highlands and takes eight to 10 hours. After reaching 3,000 meters, you will be close to the peak, where the zenith welcomes sportsmen at 3,932 meters near the ice caps. August and September are the best months for climbing. Other options for mountaineering in the Black Sea Region are the Altınparmak Mountains and the Kemerli Mountains in Artvin.