Qurum Natural Park : An oasis in harsh desert

natuQurum Natural was opened in 1993 and is the largest park in Muscat. The park contains a large boating lake and fountain, ‘Waterfall Hill’, Sultan Qaboos’ Rose Garden and meandering pathways, weaving amongst pungent-smelling shrubs and floral beds. The idea of its design depends on exploiting the nature and topographic features of the area to create wonderful and comfortable scenes for the visitors. Qurum Park succeeded in combining between the unique location and the suitable aesthetic and artistic design. Right at the heart of Oman’s stony capital Muscat, there lies Qurum Natural Park as an oasis of green trees, endless manicured beds of flowers, water fountains, artificial water falls and large play area – suitable for the people of all age groups for relaxation.

Leaving aside the hot months of the year (April to October), the rest of the year has a special package for this park – view of blooming flowers, gentle winds carrying the fragrance of flowers, sounds of chirping birds – all put together, a great treat for your senses! Spreading over 400 acres of land at Al Qurum area of Muscat, this garden attracts a large number of visitors during winter months. Children love playing, some love jogging, some others love sitting leisurely on the soft grass. On the farthest corner of the garden, there is an artificial waterfall, the ceaseless waters of which have given rise to a small ecosystem full of green grass and wetland in the midst of desert. This largest garden of Muscat also has a replica of an ancient Omani village showcasing the Omani lifestyle of bygone era.