To deny truth is like denying ourselves

Muhammad Yahya, embraced Islam in 1989 whilst studying politics and modern history at Manchester University. Originally an atheist, he was struck by the behavior and piety of a Muslim friend of his. He began to explore Islam. He was particularly impressed by the purely monotheistic teachings of Islam, coupled with the exemplary life of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). He narrates his story in ‘Why We Embraced Islam,’ Books 9 & 10. Edited by Dr. Arafat El-Ashi (1419H/1998), Toronto, Canada:


MY reversion to Islam is only Allah’s mercy and his guidance upon myself, otherwise I would never have been guided to Islam. As an undergraduate of Western history, I became disillusioned with an unending story of exploitation and materialism. There seemed no one of selfless good, willing to aid mankind for no fee.
I never thought of god or religion, except to satirize them in my ignorance. I remember starting across night-club dance floors wishing for more than just mindless hedonism and a lifetime of chasing the next job promotion. One point, however, which had provoked my curiosity was the contentment I observed in the faces of the religiously inclined. I often wondered how they had achieved that.
A fellow student, who was a Muslim, came to be an inspiring example for me. In the four years that I knew him before embracing Islam, it was his actions, more than anything, which convinced me of the truth. He looked after me like I was his younger brother, he was full of patience and concern. He never became angry. He was kind, solicitous, generous and hospitable.
I often watched him perform his prayers in such a way that I instinctively felt that such devotion could not be false. Gradually I realized that his fulfillment in life came from the awareness that Allah is One and He has created us to worship Him alone. I saw that goodness for oneself and for mankind could only come from the ultimate source of goodness, Allah.
Every year has brought new certainty to my faith. My reversion to Islam was instinctive, a recognition of the heart. Continuing studies show the unfathomable depth of understanding of human nature that lies within Islamic teachings and the comprehensive reformation that it brings; proof upon proof of its Divine origin.
That there is no contradiction in its teachings as regards the Oneness of Allah. Whereas I could never accept polytheism or the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, the knowledge of our All Powerful and All Merciful Creator, who has no partner, is in harmony with human reason.
Upon the open declaration of: “I testify that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah, and I testify that Muhammad, (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), is the servant and Messenger of Allah,” the heart expanded.
A Muslim is one who has surrendered to the will of Allah, and through this submission comes peace. A secular society, which has made personal desires its god, satisfaction can never come to it as desire will never be fulfilled. The chase for material wellbeing has brought the exploitation of whole continents and the destruction of the environment.
Man, as vicegerent of Allah, cannot walk arrogantly on the earth, and must fulfill the rights of the Creator and of all of Allah’s creation. The true believer values all life, opposes injustice, protects the weak, leads a simple life, content with what Allah has ordained for him, enjoins righteousness, forbids evil, and remains in ever constant consciousness of his Lord.
There are many examples of such persons throughout Islamic history; even they are but dim reflections of the last and final Prophet of Allah, Muhammad, (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). One may see him as a universal man, described as “the walking Qur’an” by his wife. His life is the most exemplary life with all the virtues, it is among the signs of Allah. His greatest miracle given to him from Allah, the Qur’an, remains unblemished and incomparable, a challenge to all deviant ways of thinking until the end of time.
Anyone, considering embracing Islam, should not pause to think of negative reactions from friends, family, or from society at large. Those who love you truly, will accept you, in time, and if you reflect the teachings of Qur’an in your life, they may accept Islam also. Once the truth is perceived, to deny it would be like denying ourselves.
True refuge is with Allah and the real life is in the Hereafter. To die without true faith is to be eternally unsuccessful. Death is certain whilst the span of our life is not. Also the unity and fellow feeling amongst Muslims is such that you would feel your family to number in millions on declaring your Islam.
The Prophet (may the peace be on him) said: “Religion is advice and sincerity.” The companions asked, “To whom?” He said: “To Allah and His book, and His Messenger, and to the leaders of the Muslims and their common folk.” (An-Nawawi’s 40 Hadith)



Courtesy : arab news